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The generation of Men and Women defined by the miserable conditions of the great depression and the hard fighting in World War 2. Some would consider the name arrogant if they had no awareness of history. They lost friends, became cripples and experienced gross traumas in the process. They aren't constantinly in our faces bragging in the day to day - they are quietly declining in retirement homes while the actually arrogant and entitled Boomers make a mockery of everything their parents bled for. So their children could have the life they never had.
X - The 'Greatest Generation'? Isn't that a bit arrogant?
Y - Go burn your childhood in the Great Depression and your adult years in the Second World War and get back to me.
by Red_019 April 8, 2022
A roblox player known to horrify and incite terror in innocents, he will hide his true nature at first before luring you in with a false sense of security and traumatizing you permenantly. He is not the creature that would harm you physically, but one that would gain great joy from seeing you struggle emotionally.
Bray : Hey what happened to Lukas
Lebo : 1939293 got him.. there’s no hope now.
by Red_019 June 6, 2020