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Ariana the greatest thing you'll ever learn is to love and be loved in return,she might be the type of girl that cares about other more than herself. A girl who completes you with her silliness, kindness, beauty, strength, and protection and more. Nobody could ever compare to an Ariana, Everyone loves being around her. You won’t find anyone else like her. She never lets anything bring her down. most amazing girl you will EVER meet your lucky if you get to be friends with an Ariana, an amazing girl who will be your best friend for Life!! NEVER REPLACE HER with another best friend because you will regret it and she won’t forget about it ever she will forgive but she’ll never forget and the new best friend won’t be as good as a best friend as an Ariana. She has a big cutest ass ever. A person you cannot get out of your mind, Has beautiful eyes and also a very simple girl with a simple mind, simple style, simple personality, simple soul, she can be very shy around people and can also be very irritant. She’s also the BEST GIRLFRIEND EVER, she will be the kind of girlfriend who will love you more than anything, she will make you happier, an Ariana also heals a broken heart, she will do anything to make you smile and wouldn’t cheat or replace anyone even if they paid her!
Guy : I replaced my bestfriend ariana with my new one?

Girl : Then you didn't care how she was going to feel after and also you just replaced the bestest friend you will ever find for someone who might no stay for long.


123 : I agree, i need to start looking for one :)
by RedRed9 October 19, 2013

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