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Another way to say (sinner's word)
S3x is what I need
by Rebbeca~Chan September 16, 2019

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Teagan is just a legendary mix of bad, good, and everything in between, she is the one and the only person who you could actually understand. She might be athletic or she might be kinda lazy, but either way, she is amazing with her body, face, persona, and soul-self. She is the most creative person you ever met, and she will always be out in space or on her mind, she is an angelic singer and an even better girlfriend. If she thinks your the one, you can't say no, and you better not cheat on her cause she might seem tough, but she is a soft-hearted person. She is the meaning of true love and she can give you all the love you want and more, she will make you finally be able to cry happy at the feeling of her love.
She seems so hot!
But she isn't just a body!
Teagan is the only person who could make you feel loved like god
by Rebbeca~Chan September 16, 2019

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