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The Dumbest "Sport" ever created by human beings. This game is probably easier than Nascar, which is driving in a circle 600 times. Baseball is a sorry excuse for a sport. A game where players can be overweight and still be professional. Each game takes about 5-6 hours, 98% of which is fat American men standing in a field for hours and chewing tobacco. A game where you use 10 year old motor skills.
"watch me catch this ball with this giant glove, oh my god this is so hard!!"
Baseball players and watchers honestly do not have a life, watch a sport that has action in it for GODS SAKE!!
Billy Bob: "Hey Frank! want to go play baseball with me?!"
Frank: "Billy bob, you know we're both 100 pounds overweight!"
Billy Bob: "Oh its ok! baseball doesn't require any atheletic skills anyways!"
Frank: "hmm, you're right Billy. I even have 6 hours to not do anything today! when i get home im going to put on my wife beater and drink some bear, i'm such an american redneck!
by Reaux! June 06, 2006
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