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Stupid nickname that prima donna Bengals wr, Chad Johnson gave himself in yet another desperate "T.O. like" maneuver to call attention to himself. It's really pathetic and sad that he is too stupid to figure out that the proper Spanish for eighty-five is ochenta y cinco. Perhaps he speaks Spanish-Ebonics.
NFL Fan #1: Did you hear that idiot, Chad Johnson, is at it again? He gave himself the nickname Ocho Cinco since his number is 85.

NFL Fan #2: Yeah, the antics of he and Terrell Owens have grown really tiresome.

NFL Fan #1: Isn't it refreshing to watch a REAL all-pro receiver like Marvin Harrison who lets his stats do the talking?

NFL Fan #2: Yeah, or Reggie Wayne. Those two guys are a couple of class acts who really know how a professional athlete should carry themselves.

NFL Fan #1: C'mon, let's go to the game and watch the Colts kick the Bengals ass!
by Real Editor December 12, 2006
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