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Someone who completely ruins the image of respectable firearm-owning civilians. Gun nuts hoard guns and lash out at anyone who disagrees with their ideals, no matter the argument. Often times fall into a pair of catagories.
1. Young 'radicals' who think they'll need guns to protect themselves from either a. A zombie apocalypse (impossible) or b. THE MAN. (Who, if they were to turn on us civilians, would wipe us out like their intense gun-fappery wiped out their rationalism.
2. Older folks who see the world through shitstain brown nostalgia goggles, and commonly regard the world as an oversafe, free speech abolishing world while also screaming at kids to get off their lawn and crying over the lack of meaning in their lives.

Gun nuts are NOT all gun owners. Only the ones unable to listen to an argument or take any form of criticism.
Gun Nut 1. "Dude, my sweet tactical (tacticool) rifle is gonna splat some zombie heads when the day comes. Heh."
Gun Nut 2. "Back in my day, we all sat outside with fully automatic weapons and shot at the darkies in town. Man, I miss that. Now all those kids with those vidya games and teevee... Damn them kids."
by Rationalism Strikes Back March 28, 2013

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