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A shitty anime-styled web series produced by the American company Rooster Teeth Productions, best known for making Red vs. Blue. Created by the late Monty Oum, the show is supposedly about four teenage girls who go to anime warrior school to beat up these monsters that barely appear in the series. The series also has sloppy "story arcs", stolen character designs, and blond white kid who cross-dressed at some stupid school dance. In fact, if it's a warrior school, and this show is the science fantasy/action/drama thing Rooster Teeth claims it is, then why the hell is there even a dance?

The show is notorious for its horrible CGI, terrible gay ship-teasing, woke LGBT bullshit, and its horrible attempt at being anti-racist by adding a bunch of characters who hate some catgirl and her half-monkey ex-boyfriend. It is also known for heavily relying on its loud, noisy, lazy, disgusting, annoying fanbase of sweaty, fat, unwashed SJW's who will ship any two characters as long as they have the same sex.

Rooster Teeth calls it "American anime", which contradicts the fact that anime is Japanese animation.

In short, it sucks.
RWBY: Supposed to be some kind science fantasy/action/drama thing
Also RWBY:
by ROY FROM DISCORD March 04, 2021
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The company that created the famous Halo machinima Red vs. Blue. It started to suck when RWBY came out in 2013 and now its website is just a dump for some meme-themed bullshit, ugly post-2012 Cartoon Network-looking animated series, Minecraft machinima the company didn't even make, and ads forcing you to give them your money for some shit called "Rooster Teeth FIRST".

To make matters worse, the company doesn't even give a flying fuck for RvB anymore, and now the whole motherfuckin' website is RWBY-themed.
Rooster Teeth Productions, LLC
"Was once good, but is now weeaboo shit."
by ROY FROM DISCORD March 04, 2021
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A streaming service that has kiddie porn, animated porn, and porn porn.
Cuties, Big Mouth, Sex Education... I miss when Netflix was a streaming service and not a porn service.
by ROY FROM DISCORD March 05, 2021
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1) Tony Stark.

2) A so-called "men's entertainment" magazine that once tried to attract younger readers in 2009 by putting a (censored) image of naked Marge Simpson on the cover, which was probably the inspiration for Screen Rant's thumbnails and 20 to 40 percent of DeviantArt users.
1) "Genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist"

2) Playboy is stupid.
by ROY FROM DISCORD March 04, 2021
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Something an asshole calls a smart person when the asshole knows they're wrong.
Asshole: "Ha ha ha, dat movie are so much funnies!"
Smart person: "Actually, it's 'is so funny', not 'are so much funnies'.
Smart person: "It's 'correct', and I'm not a Nazi, you idiot!"
Smart person: "Asshole."
by ROY FROM DISCORD May 22, 2021
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1) An animated sci-fi television series produced by Nickelodeon. The show is unarguably one of Nick's best shows.

2) The main character of the television series of the same name, a little green dude from the planet Irk attempting to take over our stupid planet with the help of his little robot friend, GIR.
Why did Nick have to cancel Invader Zim?
by ROY FROM DISCORD March 05, 2021
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A website full of 7-year-olds who think that MHA, The Simpsons, RWBY, Hazbin Hotel, and two anime characters I never found the name of will turn people on.
DeviantArt is super horny.
by ROY FROM DISCORD March 06, 2021
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