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Whenever you get a new pack of cigarettes, you must first pack the tabaco, and then unwrap the pack and flip the lucky. The lucky is the first cigarette removed, which is turned around and replaced in the pack, destined to be the last cigarette of the pack smoked. The lucky is just another one of those signs that bond seemingly different people together into a sort of 'cigarette' club. This is because, in all the world there really isn't anything as beautiful as smoking.
"Dude, I wish I didn't have to always give my lucky away to these bumming bastards"
"Hey, do you have anymore cigarettes?"
*At this point, you pull out your knife and begin to mutter incoherent things to yourself...
"In ... 1992... put a cigarette in your hair!"
"Oh fuck man, this guy must be crazy, I'm out of here!"

-A story in which the Lucky stays safe and sound within the confines of the cigarette pack.
by ROOOY August 06, 2006

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