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A term misused by dictators around the world to implement dictatorship and totalitarian rule to stifle freedom of citizens inside a country or a region.
Communist China is misusing the term National Security for suppressing oppositions towards the government. What a shame.
by RE8750 DBAY175 June 23, 2020
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Abbreviation of Mass Transit Railway in Hong Kong.
MTR is a major public transport in Hong Kong. But the fuck behind is that it always has failures of all kinds which disrupt people's journeys.
by RE8750 DBAY175 September 01, 2021
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Abbreviation for Volvo B9TL. This abbreviation is mainly used in Hong Kong.
We are now riding a KMB B9 to Tsim Sha Tsui!
by RE8750 DBAY175 January 25, 2019
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Special sight (Chinese: 特別所見,abbreviation: 特見) is a term used by Hong Kong bus enthusiasts to describe a bus that serves on a route that shouldn’t exist normally. When a special sight appears, many bus enthusiasts always spot the related buses.
Types of special sights include single-to-double-decker special sight (起樓特見), double-to-single-decker special sight (拆樓特見) cross-depot administration area special sight (cross-depot special sight, 跨廠特見) , bus model special sight (車型特見), full-body advertisement bus special sight (全廣特見) , cross-company special sight (跨公司特, but only appear in bus companies under same group) and super special sights (激特). Special sights may appear when there is a change in running number (字軌) of the bus in a particular route.
Hey! There is a KMB MAN 24.310 Volgren body bus special sight on North District to Tsing Yi bus route 279X! Let’s spot it!
by RE8750 DBAY175 January 25, 2019
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A law used by Chinese Communist Party to take revenge on democratic countries and righteous persons demanding for human rights and freedom.
A: Have you been taken revenge by the Chinese Anti-Foreign Sanctions Act?
B: Oh yes, but I don’t fucking care about that. I am demanding for human rights and freedom in China, isn’t that glorious and righteous?
by RE8750 DBAY175 August 31, 2021
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Oh what the fuck the Hong Kong Police Force is going to catch people arbitrarily. That's a fuckin' gang.
by RE8750 DBAY175 September 01, 2021
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‘Empty bus’ (Chinese: 吉車遊街) is a term in Hong Kong that is used to describe bus routes that have low utilisation. Literally, it means a bus with no passengers.
It is caused due to repeating of routing with another transport means or bus routes, low frequencies, or low demand of routes.
Examples of routes:
NLB Routes 1, A35, KMB Routes 2D, 14H, 32H, 46, Citybus Routes 43M, W1, NWFB Routes 18X, 797M, MTR Bus Route K75, Cityflyer Route A20, Long Win Bus Airport Route A33, etc.
Route A35 is a famous ‘empty busroute and it has recorded a loss of 5 million HKD.
by RE8750 DBAY175 January 25, 2019
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