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1) Psycho woman. Either obsessive or hateful but, basically a good lay. Puts out but there is hell to put up with.
2)Woman that uses sex to get back at boy or girl friends.
3)Stinky, unclean Pussy that spreads any kind of disease.
a)why you do Lashonda? She's Devil Pussy! She showed me her arms where she cut herself after seeing you with Kristeena. She said next time she's cutting you. You still planning on adopting her baby?
b)Oh you don't want to mess with Brittnee, she wants to do you to get back at him and/or her!
c)Damn! I banged some devil pussy (bitch had no teeth) - now I got the drips. And she tasted like bad vinegar. I knew something was wrong when I saw fumes.
by R D Mann May 13, 2006
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