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Divorcée I'd like to fuck
Person 1: Hey, did you hear that Jeannie is getting divorced?
Person 1: Wow, I've been waiting out that marriage for years. Now she's is finally available for some dating and some action!
Person 2: I hear you, brother. Talk about a DILF!
by Quince Vaughan July 26, 2014

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An epithet for a place filled with backwards idiots.
You know that county clerk who refused to license same-sex marriages last year? She was from Kenfucky.
by Quince Vaughan July 18, 2016

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To have sex on every continent, hence to cir-cum-navigate.
Finally! My wife and I have always wanted to circumnavigate the Earth. We finally took this cruise to Antarctica, and when they finally let us off we did it! The best part is you can just finish anywhere and no one will notice because everything's all white.
by Quince Vaughan January 19, 2015

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When you're coming and the chick is kneeling and spins in a circle underneath you, such that you create a cir-cum-ference on her body.
After she went down on my last night, I gave her not just a pearl necklace but a full circumference!
by Quince Vaughan December 24, 2014

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An unfortunate tattoo that was supposed to be "no regrets"
Did you see Frannie's tattoo? It said "no regerts," Gonna have to live with that the rest of her life.
by Quince Vaughan July 20, 2016

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A person, usually in a relationship, who really gets off on having lots and lots of quickie sex.

Etym.: Cookie Monster + quickie
"Dave insisted on squeezing in sexy time every morning this week just before the bus came! He just can't control himself, he's like the Quickie Monster!"
by Quince Vaughan September 04, 2015

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A bachelorette who's a real bitch to guys
Jeannie led four guys on so they'd buy her drinks and dinner this week, what a bitchelorette.
by Quince Vaughan September 04, 2015

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