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1. One who trolls around his campus, local mall, or internet sites(possibly even Urban Dictionary) to find those who are guilty of 'conforming' (a.k.a Conformists a.a.k.a Everyone else who he/she does not know personally...) and either glare menacingly or shout mean insults at them about being 'slaves of the establishment.' Possibly a hypocrite who has consumed too many free-thought books.

2. Probably a good idea for a reality show.

Guy 1: Woah! That new Paramore CD rules!

Guy 2: I know!

Guy 3: You are pigs! PIGS!! Wallow in your conformist bullshit you scum! *runs off to the discount bookstore*

Guy 2: That guy was wiggidy-wack!

Guy 1: Wasn't he wearing a Paramore T-shirt when we came in here...?

Guy 2: Oh snap, he's one of those conformist hunters I've heard so much about!
by Punctured Clock July 22, 2008
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