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After sex, the most excellent fellow remains inside his lady friend. He then proceeds to tell a joke. The laughter causes much nether movement, which feels amazing due to post coitus sensitivity.
After a delightful bout of sex-making, the gentleman removes his monocle and says to the lady:
"I say, did you hear the one about the dog in the bar? MOST AMUSING".
The lady then chortles deeply, and the gentleman loses all composure and says "well done".
The butler peeks out from behind a curtain and dryly adds "Sir has madame laughing on the inside."
by Puddles McGee February 20, 2011
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A sarcastic term to be substituted in for wherever "Brilliance" or "Brilliant" would be used earnestly if not for the raging stupidity at play.
Co-worker A: "Our pointy haired boss just suggested we replace Apache with IIS on Linux."
Co-worker B: "Brilliantce!"

Friend A: "Want beef stew?"
Friend B: "I'm vegan."
Friend A: "Oooh I'll use a chicken broth then."
Friend B: "Brilliantce."
by Puddles McGee October 27, 2011
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