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A synonym for "there", "their", and "they're". Invented as a possible solution to the grammarical problem of misinterpereting one of it's synonyms for another.
Thaer over thaer, eating thaer cake.
by Pseudorand January 23, 2018

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A perfectly normal day that is not Valentine's Day.
1:its october 27th it is national confess to your crush day
2:no that is february 14th dumbass
by Pseudorand October 29, 2019

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dating bi people over gay/straight people
guy: oh, Jenny is bi? how hot
other guy: sounds metabisexual
by Pseudorand October 12, 2019

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A very low-quality laugh, often ironic.
sounds like autistic puberty laugh
by Pseudorand October 03, 2019

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Someone who submits their friend's or enemy's names in urban dictionary as something inherantly negative or positive. Does this to make them look bad or good, but ends up doing nothing.
my god, an edittere submitted "caroline". keep out!
by Pseudorand September 06, 2019

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An image of a skeleton or multiple skeletons in a hyperbolic situation. Most text captioning or in said image references calcium, bones and spooky memes in general
when someone posts a non- spooky meme during spooktober
via giphy
by Pseudorand October 09, 2018

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The act of typing a random entry into any entry run website, especially urbandictionary.com, to do something you could only do after submitting such an entry.
Boy 1:Oh boy! I know fhdstgfyub djg isn't a word, but I really want to start filtering through other words
Boy 2:Stop being urbrandom, come up with something!
by Pseudorand September 15, 2018

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