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A person fortunate enough to have enough money to support a steady diet of delicious cocaine.
"I had to get a third job and start turnin tricks, but it's all good because I can afford to buy another gram of booger sugar!"
by pseudo-pseudonym March 21, 2004
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A not so attractive or stylish female who may be very book smart and get good grades, play RPGs or video games, watch a lot of science fiction, anime, and the history channel yet still manages to have a lot of sex (usually with nerd guys). Nerdsluts in high school can usually be spotted hanging around the ROTC room, art class, or helping teachers. Don't look for them in the lunch room which they avoid because the popular girls in large groups will make fun of them there.
"Hey do you want to come over after band class to help me work on my new dungeons and dragons character, play some GTA, study for chemistry and then get it on?" -Nerdslut
by pseudo-pseudonym March 19, 2004
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