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The maddened grandchild of Albert Einstein. A terrorist and main player in WWII. Nobody knows his first name, as he only goes by the name of professor Biohazard. It is believed that in 1911 he created a bomb so powerful that even he couldn't comprehend the abomination he had created. In the year 1917 it exploded, in an event know as Halifax. After this he went missing and nobody has heard from him to this day.
Some people say he's still alive, living on the chemicals he creates.

Others say he took on the role of F├╝hrer of Germany in the year 1934 and died from drug overdose in 1945.
Others say he's still active in terrorism, only under the name of Osama Bin Laden.

None of these we can be sure of, all we know is that Professor Biohazard has, and possibly still does cause extreme chaos across the world.
by Professor Biohazard March 13, 2011

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