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A phrase used by TikToker @eduardomajin4. He will use it in his videos or captions, so far nobody has been able to decipher the meaning, but among Eduardo’s fan base, the phrase has gained a cult fandom, being commented under many of his videos.
Eduardo: AIOPM
by Plank Walk October 08, 2020

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big purple car with mustache
"yo you see the thanos car?"

"yea, thanos car, thanos car"
by Plank Walk September 04, 2018

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Universal slang for every single drug, usually used in school or public places by minors to hide the fact that they are talking about drugs.
Sam: Hey did you get that D-Rose stuff last night?
John: Yes, it was epic
Madison: Wait... is D-Rose a drug?
Sam and John look at eachother
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by Plank Walk July 02, 2018

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Pancakes that contain M&Ms.
Hey ma could you make some party pancakes you bitch
by Plank Walk July 19, 2018

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To be pissed off/moody/in a shitty mood for seemingly no real reason
Dude, what’s got John so creased?

I don’t know man
by Plank Walk July 09, 2020

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Somebody who thinks they're the shit, but they really aren't.
Bro, I heard Jack sells pot now

Yea dude, he's Mr. Epic.
by Plank Walk February 23, 2019

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The most ironic word in the English dictionary
Dude did you hear about (insert tragedy here)?

Yea, it was epic
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by Plank Walk April 17, 2019

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