4 definitions by Pixelander

Person that types and insults online but wont say or do it in real life
by Pixelander September 20, 2017
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One who finds out/create glitches and bugs as an Advantage against other players
by Pixelander September 19, 2018
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A game that fun but is overloaded
With tryhard kids thinking their tfue so they tryhard on roblox fortnite, not only that but aswell as hackers/rpg spammers
Can be actual aids sometimes
Strucid more like sweatcid
by Pixelander April 16, 2019
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a game thats probably stealing your girlfreind from behind
*Girlfreind: Tom you never hang out with me , you're always on that stupid game named "fortnite"
Tom:Hold on im trying to get a dub
Girlfreind:Thats it im leaving you
by Pixelander June 11, 2018
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