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A Chabia or "Chabi" is a large gorilla-like human known for his/her anxious and picky behavior, rapping abilities and "baby" like traits. A Chabia is friendly and non-threatening despite its burly appearance. A Chabia can also be easily identified by their love for Katy Perry and protein.
Kirk: Hey! Is that what I think it is?
Cory: Im not sure, but it might be a gorilla?
Alex: Haha. No! Both of you are wrong, notice how its acting like an infant. Its a Chabia!
by Phil Yoon May 12, 2011
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A name most commonly attributed to a blue-eyed person of Californian descent. Chorns are often Lakers fans and reside in Newport Beach, CA. Although not lethal, Chorns are known for their tantrums or "Chorntrums". The main difference between a Chorn and regular human is that Chorns get "chorny", as opposed to horny.
Cory: Lakers baby! World Champs!
Brandon: Shut up Chorn! Go Bulls!
by Phil Yoon May 12, 2011
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