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1. verb. Slang for the word masturbating, meaning to provide oneself with excitation of one's own or another's genital organs. This is completed through manual contact other than sexual intercourse.
2. adj. Used to describe certain situations that are very sickadocious, cool, and all in all sweet.
1. Guy1: Man you watch A Night At The Roxbury last night?
Guy2: Not only did I watch it, I sterbed to it!

Guy1: So, did you tap that?
Guy2: Nah dawg, just sterbed on her and left.

2. Guy1: What'd you think of that movie man?
Guy2: It was pretty sterb.

Guy1: Hey man, I got the job!
Guy2: STERB!!!!
by Phil Benevides July 23, 2006

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