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Once upon a time - SNAR - was a secret collective in sweden, primarly in the northern parts around norrbotten. They twisted and bended the rules of society in order to gain power, knowledge, wisdom and wealth.

Most of the members of SNAR is now lurking and infiltrating the highest ranks in the world in various fields ranging from politics, economics, science, art, sports, entertainment etc.

The time has come for SNAR to reunite. No one knows where or when it will happen but when it does, the world will tremble. Or just won't notice - like a silent and non-smelly fart.
OMG, you're a SNAR?! Please forgive me, I shall let you fuck my girlfriend. I would be honored.

OMG, you're a SNAR?! Please forgive, you can pass the line as you wish. Have a nice evening sir.

OMG, you're a SNAR?! Please forgive me, but I can't compete with you in any way. You are far too superior.

OMG, you're SNAR?! Please forgive me, don't burn my old mercedes with tinted windows. I shall burn it myself and get a car.
by Phibbe of SNAR March 13, 2012
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