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-noun, plural Skurbies

-verb, to Skurb or Skurbin’ (vernacular)

-academia, Skurbenomics, the study of the Skurb’s behavior, habitat, interests, and other miscellaneous elements of Skurbery


Non-essential corporate contributor. The Skurb occupies a negligible, dispensable position in a corporate office. These positions include, but are not limited to, Marketing Coordinator, Communications coordinator, Para-legal, Intern, Junior Analyst, etc. Skurbs are shifty characters, by nature and may be irrationally fearful or suspicious. When they are not making copies, arranging meetings, entering data, or acting as de facto stenographer at meetings, the Skurb shirks in his cubicle. (see: v., to shirk) Generally, Skurbs avoid eye contact. Skurbs are usually 1 – 3 years out of college. A Skurb works in a cubicle, often shared with other Skurbs of equal or lesser stature.

“Did you hear that Skurb from HR got canned?”

No honor among Skurbs.

I enter data, therefore I Skurb.

Skurb Life
by Ph. Crump March 17, 2008
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