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A political group in Lebanon with a militant wing. Although they are terrorist they still build up schools and hospitals for the people. In 2006 they captured 2 Israeli soldiers, and the Israelis started to bomb hospitals and civilians with guided weapons. Hezbollah then fired into Israel. Israel killed hundreds of people only a small portion being Hezbollah. Hezbollah killed much less Israelis but many of them soldiers. Hence Hezbollah is the lesser of two evils.
Jew: My country bombed civilians...
Musilum: Well mine bombed civilians...

Jew: My government paid for the murder of all these hundreds of innocent children.

Musilum:Hezbollah paid for the killings of much less people...

Christan: Israel stop killing innocent people

Jew: Hey we have a right to kill innocent people you anti-semite
by Peace in the Middle East August 08, 2006
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