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One who is competely lacking knowledge of books, novels and/or authors.
Used to describe someone who never reads and/or does not have the capacity to read a whole book.

taken from the Greek work "biblos" meaning book and retard.
Jon: Have you read "the Davinci Code?"
Matt: NO
Jon: My god Matt, the whole world has read that book. You are such a biblotard.
by Paul Pahiti November 06, 2007
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when "one" (man or woman) is still on the road to defining their sexual orientation.
It is usually used for people that are confused about their sexual urges and may experiment with guys and/or girls to help them determine their sexual preferance.

Taken from the greek word "dromo" which means road.

PS: Do not confuse with bisexual which means you like both males and females.
Q: Is James gay or straight?
A: I am not sure, but I think he could be dromosexual as he is not really sure if he likes girls or guys.
by Paul Pahiti November 06, 2007
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