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Homosexual activists are vehemently promoting homosexuality throughout the media, academia, and politics as spelled out in their manifesto titled After The Ball. "Sensitivity" classes in schools are required to children as young as kindergarden where they brainwash a child within minutes into believing homosexuality is the same as trying a new food. This is pure Pavlonian style brainwashing, indoctrination, and ideological subversion. All states that legalize same sex "marriage" require schools to have these classes, and parents who opt their kids out can potential get thrown in jail and pay fines.

The only reason why homosexuals pushed to "serve openly" in the military, because they know the military is one of the largest institutions within the Fed govt. Now they can politicize their way into more influential positions to easily push the agenda further.

I'm not against any person, and I feel for the people experiencing same sex attraction and gender identity confusion, whether they think it's okay or not. However, homosexuality as a movement (the activists) are a facist/totalitarian movement disguising itself behind flowery words like "diversity," "rights," and "tolerance." It is founded on lies/hypocrisy, but because of the sophisticated Marxist/Saul Alinsky psychological onslaught on the masses, they are able to hide their lies and hypocrisy in plain sight. We need to WAKE UP!
For examples of homofascism, do a search on youtube for the following titles...

Train Up Child Part 5

Censoring the Church (Parts 1-7)


Google and Youtube the following search words...

Homosexual Mob Attacking Christian Grandmother Over Prop 8 Protest.MP4

Actual footage of British police arresting Christian street preacher, Dale Mcalpine

Lesbians, condoms go wild in attack on Christian church

Christians violently attacked and chased out of Castro district

Homosexual activists published the names of those who contributed to “Yes on 8,” hounding one man out of his job and steering business away from one restaurant, because one employee supported the campaign.
by PatTime December 31, 2010

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