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mr fish is a a sad middle aged prick who has a massive bald spot on the back of his head wich makes him look almost as bad as dr Gardner
by Passmores definitions February 11, 2022
Mr Shine’s forehead is so shiny that he must be polishing it every morning
by Passmores definitions September 28, 2022
Mr Pickering is a skinhead who is nice if you don’t piss him off but he turns into baldy if you piss him off and he will smack your ass
Mr Pickering is bald
by Passmores definitions July 24, 2021
Miss dungy is a miserable old git who can’t help shouting at children at school. She is especially disrespectful to black students she is also a fatti bombolati
by Passmores definitions July 24, 2021

is a millionaire who has 8 girlfriends he snorted 1kg of coke beat up 4 guys and fucked 3 hookers
by Passmores definitions June 15, 2021
Mr godard is the head teacher of passmores academy. He ate all the kids that that’s why he is so fat
Mr godard ate my Nan
by Passmores definitions October 20, 2021
A nonce who has a hairline that has gone back so far that it remembers when his mum adopted him
Dr Gardner looks like an egg
by Passmores definitions July 24, 2021