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Gosupermodel is a website dedicated to posers and fights in my opinion. Everyday you see about 15 posts saying "OMG im soo Miley Cyrus" then about 700 other girls fighting saying "You arent Miley Cyrus because I AM!!" Posers run wild there everyday.

Its also invaded by many twelve year old girls who pretend to be Massie Block. They work so hard to become a supermodel and get a club then make it all about alphas. They make sure that only 5-6 members are in and they pretend to be the clique. That causes many fights and crushed egos.

Half of the problem would be the MODs. Most of them are cool but half of them are 40 year old mothers addicted to a website made for children and thats pretty pathetic. They say "Oh im here to make sure my daughter is safe." Well if you dont think she is safe then delete her model. Most mods are stuck up and lock most threads because they seem to be a tad bit off-topic or they state a models name in it so its considered a "Personal Attack." Most mods are consumed with their power and sometimes abuse it. Like putting kids in time out. Like thats going to teach them any lessons. Its not an online Mod's job to give a child a Time Out its their mothers job.

Gosupermodel is way to protective. Its got a language filter thats really gay. At one point you couldnt even say INDEX.
you cant say 'exactly' with out it being starred out. Its designed for children of the age of like eight. And most users are over eleven. its not right.

n00bs/newbies/labels. thats the most common phrase used in forums because someone talks using letters and numbers. Then they block the girl because she cant type properly.Then most girls draw attention to them selves by 'admitting' to cutting themselves and the fact that they are sooo emo its not even funny! it causes many fights and many timeouts. then once the guys log into the website it becomes judgemental central. "OMG A GUY CANT BE ON HERE" "YOU ARE JUST A PERV LOOKING FOR ONLINE DATING" maybe some guys have no lives. maybe they are gay. you dont know but it becomes soo judgmental.
Gosupermodel forum post:
user 1: Im Miley Cyrus.
user 2: u aint miley cyrus you *** i *** hate her nd sheez a *** and so on.
by ParisAshley1(: August 15, 2008
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