9 definitions by PISAN

to be a sugar daddy. to be really old and have fine nieces or mistresses. usually used with mafioso or wall street guys who hang with their nieces at night clubs and high end resturants
damn that old ass uncles is with more girls then i can name
by PISAN December 05, 2004
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McCoy means to bitch slap an ugly, young, skank ass ho and get away with that shit.this is the boy who i HATE hes a muther fucker. he thinks hes a a pimp but hes nuthing but a shrimp. hes abusive but he has BITCHES!! like two and they re skanks who are 12 or some shit like that.
Bill Clinton McCoys his wife and Monica aaaaaaalllllll the time cept his asss got caught wit it. WAT A DUMBASS. well props for the first prez to get ass in the oval office since kennedy was pimp master PREZ.
by PISAN December 01, 2004
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