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Manarchists are the non-hot variety of anarchist. Manarchists are macho "anarchists" who talk too much at meetings, adhere to the cult of the great thinkers (drop Kropotkin, Bakunin, Proudhon, Chomsky, etc. . . all the time), negate others' experiences, take up space, exert their privileges to ... Read Moretheir fullest, and generally perpetuate heteropatriarchal bullshit
Manarchists flourish at house shows, where they might drunkenly talk at you about the working class, without allowing any of the transfolk and women present to speak. They are also found at meetings where they have all the ideas but none of the time or energy to do the work. They can sometimes be identified by the PBR cans that grow in their hands and the famous now-defunct leftist organization and/or crust band their outer coverings reference.
by Otter Eliconia July 06, 2009
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