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When something is said or claimed, and it is very unlikely that it is the truth (yet not impossible) , but because of no witnesses or any possible verification, their is no way to prove it is a lie and is legally the truth
Paul: When I went to Las Vegas I lost my virginity to Pamela Anderson

Jeff: Shutup, we know that's not true

Paul: No I swear to god

Jeff: I guess cause you can't prove it, and we don't believe you. but i guess its the feeble truth
by Optical Epilepsy February 17, 2010

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When something is said and it is very unlikely that it is a lie (yet not impossible) but due to lack of witnesses, and possible verification, it cannot be proven wrong, and legally is a lie
Jeff: I heard you go out with that ugly fat girl Helga

Paul: Yeah, right I do not go with her

Jeff: She said you guys are dating

Paul: Well she's wrong

Jeff: That's a feeble lie man, your definitely lying to me but I can't prove it
by Optical Epilepsy September 08, 2009

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