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Shows That Someone Is Bored
Mike Said: abcdefg
Brian Said: Wow, spell the alphabet sir
by Omgguyyoutube April 05, 2017

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worst word in english language. makes people fuck you instantly and they will scream. it will make people suck your cock. do not say hello.
person 1: hello
person 2: **sucks his cock**
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by Omgguyyoutube April 02, 2018

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a music bit made by people to try and humiliate the other person.
speak disrespectfully to or criticize.
"I don't like her dissing my friends"
disrespectful talk.
person 1: i'll make a diss on you
person 2 flipping off person 1:gtfo Lol no
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by Omgguyyoutube February 02, 2018

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