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We're not from Illinois and we're definitely not from the Midwest. The North Shore of Chicago has its own culture, lifestyle and traditions that only we know. We went to public school because they are better than the private ones. We may not have the ocean, but we certainly have beaches. We've had countless movies filmed in or about our area. We know New Trier will always win. We love partying with Scooter & worship Sarki's even though it's been shut down numberous times for health code violations. We're always 20 minutes from the city. Michael's fries, Kafeine's couches, EStreet's prices, Homer's ice cream, Buff Joe's wings, and Denny's late at night will always hold a special place in our hearts. We're rich, we're stuck up, we're better than you (especially the west suburbs) - and we know it. We're the North Shore of Chicago.
You think you know, but you have no idea: This is The North Shore.
by Old Money; We Do It Best April 17, 2006

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