9 definitions by OccasionalDipper

What you call someone who's name you do not know. Usually to insult or make fun of a person or a group of people.
"Look at this John. He probably pees sitting down."
"Look at those Johns. They look so edgy you could pop a bag near 'em and the whole lunchroom would go silent and stare at 'em."
by OccasionalDipper October 26, 2020
Someone who stays in shape only by masturbation.
Person A: How does that guy stay in shape? He doesnt even go to the gym.
Person B: He's a jacklete. He doesnt need to go to the gym.
by OccasionalDipper February 28, 2022
The concoction of liquids found in spittoons, spit bottles, and any other container that a dip-user may choose to spit in. Usually brown in color and the consistency of water.
Tony: I almost took a sip of Satan's mouthwash!
Mike: That's nasty bro.
by OccasionalDipper February 9, 2021
A term used by snowflakes, particularly ones who can't even vote yet, to express how they think an election will drastically change their lives, when it's really just an excuse to get attention and/or not do schoolwork.
"Mrs.Smith I didn't do the homeowner because I have election anxiety."
by OccasionalDipper November 4, 2020
A workout that only consists of masturbating. Usually undertook by people who have no life.
Person A: How do you stay so fit? You never go to the gym.
Person B: I just do a daily jerkout
by OccasionalDipper February 28, 2022
Instead of putting the chew in your bottom lip, you put it up in your top lip on either side. Generally used if you want to hide it.
"Man I was uplipping at church yesterday 'cuz I didn't want the pastor to see me.
by OccasionalDipper April 23, 2020