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Articles for Deletion, a page on Wikipedia where people talk about pages that they want to get rid of and see if consensus is reached.
Aw man, my super kewl Wiki page about my friend's garage band got proposed for deletion on AfD!
by O5-2 June 12, 2019
The N-word, but written with Armenian letters to evade chat filters or censors.
TikTok1033: please stop killing me
EdgyKewlKid69: fucking ոiցցer
TikTok1033: stop saying racial slurs
EdgyKewlKid69: no lol
by O5-2 January 4, 2021
A consonant sound in linguistics that consists of a closure followed by a burst of air from the mouth, like the B in ni🅱️🅱️a or the P in penis.
The big T's in Tater ToT are an example of a plosive.
by O5-2 June 12, 2019
The Unicode null character, , which often terminates a null-terminated string. Its mere presence in a string (outside the end) will always cause software bugs. I tried to include the character itself (faulty PDF OCR from an underlined “가”, confirmed through a Unicode converter), but it would always cause UD to error (obviously).

I used empty brackets because I tried to insert the actual character, but Urban Dictionary would always
This character U+0000 is impossible to get into a string, and if inserted into a URL by %00, can unlock a security vulnerability called null byte injection
by O5-2 August 11, 2019
This pniggir beat me in CS:GO. Fucking newbs
by O5-2 June 12, 2019
googolmultilliplexiloguestack = A googolism almost as big as your mom

Multillion (coined by Jonathan Bowers) = 10^(3x10^(3x10^3tredecillion)+3)

Googol-n-plex = 10^10^10...(n + 1 tens)^100

-logue means a googol(googolmultilliplex)plex

-stack after it means the same modification, a googol(googolmultilliplexilogue)plex
Your mom weighs over a googolmultilliplexiloguestack pounds
by O5-2 November 25, 2019
A man with a Diversity Dick is one who will hook up with any person.
Joe boned white girls, black girls, Asian girls, tall girls, short girls, your grandma, and your 19-year-old sister. He has a diversity dick
by O5-2 October 31, 2019