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A country i wish to vacate due to it going all fake woke minority shit on my ass
America is populated by at least 80% pride childs.
by NuttyNut72 May 4, 2022
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Someone who makes everything a political matter to the point where it’s god awful and annoying.
Minority: Lol lets talk about politics for no reason until we get to the point where we disagree then I can make you look like a monster for having a non-mainstream political opinion and weakly cry to my friends that sympathize and then-

*The minority has been shot due to not shutting the fuck up*
by NuttyNut72 May 4, 2022
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A group of people who have fought hard to get respect, and now that they have obtained it, (for the most part) have no form of neural stimulation besides talking negatively of cisgender white males, causally making stereotypes about them, pushing doing such a thing to become the new social norm.
My ex friend(An LGBTQ person): Lol what’s the deal with cis white males?
Me (A cis white male): I’m right here you know!
My ex friend: Sorry, I just mean stereotypical cis white males.
Me: …
by NuttyNut72 April 15, 2022
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A form of person who is obsessed with LBGTQ, and collects pride flags like pokemon cards. As well as accuse autism as being fake and a “Get out of jail free card“ due to the fact that they fear competition and want to remain the leading “Minority“
Some dude: yo, seen your friend andrew lately?
Other dude: naw, he has become a pride child and wont shut up about his obsession so I Friend-divorced him.
by NuttyNut72 May 4, 2022
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The iteration of knuckles the echidna from the sonic franchise that is voiced by idris elba. (See sonic movie 2) Niggles is the form of knuckles that deserves the most respect.
Teacher: remember kids, respect Niggles! and respect Idris Elba for making him so badass!
by NuttyNut72 May 5, 2022
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