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Goucher College, located in the heart of Towson, Maryland is not only known for its impressive curriculum, it is known for its 'freaks and geeks.' Not just your average freak or geek but a die hard "Pirate Club" member, Cat and Muppet girl and a large population of overly (weird) artistic individuals who are most likely homosexual. Where dressing to promote Hot Topic and dying your hair neon green is considered cool. And who could forget the overly-dedicated Goucher Gopher lacrosse players? Who truley believe that his membership to not a D1, not D2, but yes, a D3 lacrosse team is a way of life. Bottom line, you play lacrosse for Goucher College, do you really think that anyone is taking you seriously? Stop celebrating because you are a bunch of true die hard fags and nothing more.
Goucher College is in a great area!
by Not a Gopher Fan January 08, 2006

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