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Is the hobby of American Football indoors.

Like if outdoor football wasn't gay enough, they think it's tough play gay ass American football indoors.

Notice how I said it's a hobby instead of a sport.

All American football is gay, even indoors. it should be called FAGBALL.
Ordinary Person: "Hey Josh, what sport you play"?

American: " I play Indoor Football"

Ordinary Person: " Like soccer?"

American: "No American football"

Ordinary Person: "Fag, What a fucken joke.That's not even a real sport. Try rugby.
by Not Hector or Maximiliano June 13, 2011
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A brown Mexican that goes to Menlo Atherton High School in NORCAL that is famous for licking everybodys penis and balls clean like a black guy with fried chicken mmmmmmmmmmmmhhhhhhhh.
"Hay be a jerson and suck me up!"

"No homo, dont be gay and stop being a jerson"

Dont be a Jerson and reject this definition because he really exist.
by Not Hector or Maximiliano April 06, 2011
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