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Noun, (slang): A woman void of warmth or emotion. Cruelly apathetic. Emotionless. As the Australian band Jet might say, a "cold hard bitch." Ice Queen. Typically used by bros fresh out of Flunitrazepam or, as the bro would say, roofies.
Ay Wortimer! That wife of yours is a real frigidaire. Perhaps you should fill the gunny with oranges again while I get some Flunitrazepam...
by Noro Machine July 31, 2008
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(verbal phrase) - having sex, particularly with a flexible partner.
Boss - So what'd you do last night?
Worker - I was hanging out with my girlfriend.
B - Were you doing yoga with the lights off?
W - I don't feel comfortable talking about that with you at work.
B - Why not?
W - Cause you're my boss.
B - C'mon. We're friends.
W - No we're not. We never hang out outside of work.
B - Fine, tell me if you were doing yoga with the lights off with your girlfriend last night or i'll fire you.
W - What!? You're seriously playing that card right now?
B - I'm seriously playing that card right now.
W - <ugh> Fine...yes, we did yoga with the lights off.
B - Nice...wanna draw it?
by Noro Machine August 10, 2010
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(noun) - The feeling you get while jerking off to a video of your ex-girlfriend on the internet (that you posted) in which you are having sex with her.
<ring ring> hello?

What the hell's your problem? You posted a video of us having sex on the internet after i broke up with you!?

Oh ya, and i had some wicked jerk off déjà vu last night.


by Noro Machine August 06, 2010
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An apparently very griping character to most of those who read the series of very successful novels he is written in. The series is very popular among younger readers and has been very beneficial in getting younger people to read. However, Harry Potter has yet to prove itself as a good "gateway book" meaning most younger audiences who pick up the series do not continue to read novels (or other media) after completing all 7 novels.

A survey was done in 2008 by the English department of UC Berkley finding that 9 out of 10 children (between the ages of 12 and 17) who finished reading the first novel, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, go on to read the next six, but out of those 9 only 2 continue to read on an extra-curricular level. Whether this information is meaningful or not is up to you.
I have only read bits and pieces of the Harry Potter series and from what I gathered the novels are not bad. Harry Potter readers are sort of a cult following, but many have seen the movies and trust me, it is the movies that inspire many people to "hate on" Harry Potter. However many Potter readers have told me that they're very satisfied with the movies and that they follow the book very closely (for the most part except maybe the 6th installment which deviated from the book more than usual). In my opinion if the movies do follow the books as closely as people tell me then to me the books would be very unfulfilling.
by Noro Machine November 17, 2010
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