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the vulva
pussy lips
Her lavanal lips gently caressed his manhood as he penetrated her vagina
Her lavanal lips were wet with desire for the warmth
of his hot tounge
by Nonya Business May 02, 2008

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When two homosexual lovers have anal sex over a wine barrel, the oils from the activity slowly fill the barrel. This oil containing mostly liquid feces, semen, blood, and sweat is then fermented for roughly four months and then bottled, sometimes carbonated if by the buyer. This liquid delicacy is enjoyed only by those who can afford it, and mostly used to cater big parties. The majority of people who like it say it tastes like caviar mixed with vegemite.
When Two guys who love eachother, A & B, lets call A Cody, and B Damian decide they want to make love oils in a barrel. And produce their own brand this is refered to as an anal vinyard.
by Nonya business April 22, 2006

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