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Can't even Balance their Weathermen!
After reviewing your webcast late yesterday afternoon I felt well convinced that Howard your "Chief" meteorologist on fox news Tampa local 13 showed no real chance of rain after the giant high pressure moved in and pushed everything East overnight. I ride a motorcycle and usually do not go by one forecast. However, listening to what he claimed on the webcast late yesterday that the pattern was going to go back to no real shot of rain and yesterday was the real last chance we would have of seeing any near the West Coast for the next four days at least. I question... Was or is it worth your time to put this totally wrong forecast into production. Also how can two of your weathermen have such different forecasts. It is one of your Fox weathermen on the radio station that my girlfriend listens too and he indeed had a 100% different forecast as of yesterday afternoon. Unfortunately we did not discuss the weather until I was on my bike on the day with what HOWARD said had ZERO chance of producing rain ... much less possible SEVERE STORMS. Fair and balanced ? Your own weather guys aren't even balanced. Are they?
by Non Trusting June 08, 2007

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