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A never-ending conversation that jumps from topic to topic without any central theme or logical end. Typically, one must be rescued from a "full wagner". If left unaided, the individual being "wagnered" could pass out, suffer from muscle failure, or even die of starvation.
Hey Chris, I saw the email about the network going down this afternoon. My ham radio went down this afternoon too. You should see my new ham radio, it has buttons and fairy dust. Did you see that article on the Drudge Report about how the Democrats are stockpiling all of the fairy dust for use in the National Parks? I was at a National Park last year; I'm pretty sure I saw a Sasquatch. Have you seen that show about hunting for "squatches". And there's that other show about running moonshine. My brother was in one of those episodes; he has his own still. It's pretty impressive really: he replaced all of the copper with zinc, and runs in on a generator powered by lemons...

"Chris, uh, the, uh mail server is crashing. Yeah, that's it. We need you in the back."

"Thanks man, he was in a full wagner that time."
by NoWorries February 11, 2013

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the name of the baby who drowned in the bright eyes song 'padriac my prince' - sounds like partick.
'padriac my prince i have all but died from the sheer weight of my shame, you cried but no one came...etc.'
by noworries January 22, 2005

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