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Alot of people in this place think that just because America legalizes weed, it will solve all the problems of the world. Did you ever think about laws passed on weed if it was legalized? If weed was legalized, Republican's and Democrats in the House and Senate would have a fall out on who could claim the plant. If the republicans win, Good Weed would be destroyed because corporations would hog all the product and sell us cheap shit while hustlin us, kinda fucked up right? but if the democrats got a hold of the plant and passed laws in favor of the poor farmers in the midwest, we could give them the seeds, they grow, bag and sell the product, then they contribute that money back to the poor class to be used for furthering the quality of the impoverished and bringing the poor out of the dark, then we build a giant wall or fence on the canadian and mexican borders, by which after we do all this, we increase sales and then start selling the product all across the world, thus creating a revitalization in the world economy and bringing about peace, unless your a foreign country with nuclear technology that hates us, then we might have to bomb you out of existence, im not sure, but thats my theory.
All of this and more if we can pass laws to protect the plant in the interests of the farmers, by which after we make these gradual changes, we can finally destroy the marijuana stamp act of 1937, so lets take over the government, turn it into an absolute monarchy without infringing on the constitution, just suspending the house and senate, pass the necessary laws, make our money, progress as a nation, build our fences, export our stuff to outer countries all over the world, and everything will be better, so whose with me?
by Nikki C October 29, 2006

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