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"You come on vacation, leave on probation." New Philadelphia, Ohio has the reputation of being a drug fueled city just south of Akron/Canton area. The police are like the gestapo and make their own rules and if you dont like them(or they dont like you), they will probably just throw you in jail on crazy trumped up charges and put you on probation for years to come so you keep having to go back to that hell-forsaken place. A small town atmosphere where everyone knows everyone, everyone sleeps with everyone, and everyone has genital warts. New Philadelphia is the place where the mayor gets drunk and goes to pick up his children at a school function and gets arrested for DUI..and the people still love him. The main things to do in New Philadelphia are drink large amounts of alcohol and go to wal*mart...which oddly enough those are about the only two things in New Philadelphia...bars and walmart. And last but not least, New Philadelphia, Ohio is the home of the Fighting Quakers...whoever came up with that name should be kicked square in the nuts for being such a douche bag. Do not ever go to New Philadelphia, you will die there!
Dont go to New Philadelphia, you'll overdose on heroin and get genital warts from the dealer!
by Nick Herron June 11, 2008
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