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The phenomenon by which the remnant of an anal ejection is left dangling from the extremity of an anal hair, thereby recreating the tarzan-swinging-on-a-jungle-vine image.

The Italian equivalent of a dingleberry, evoking the fact that the turd in question is relatively small, attached to the end of the anal hair and therefore not encrusted directly to or around the rear aperture.
He could feel the tarzanelli swinging from his anal hair just above the water level of the bog
by Network Synergies Mgmt October 07, 2010
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The unfortunate and unintended phenomenon whereby an attempted fart and dart is performed too rapidly, resulting in the perpetrator being followed by his or her own brown cloud around a public place, leaving little or no doubt as to the initial deliverer of said methane.
Jesus Mother of Christ, that trouser trailer could only have come from the bloke over the other side of the shop! If he'd timed it a split second later he'd have pulled off a classic fart and dart!
by Network Synergies Mgmt September 27, 2011
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The kind of preening, queenish, high-heeled effeminate limp-wristed way in which a bollockless "boss" walks down the corridor to spy on the three quarters of his team that are doing fuck all. The afore-mentioned stillettoed action could also be qualified as the only work done by the same high-heeled queen of a boss.
"Quick, get back to your work - I can feel some Stilletti making its surreptitious way down the corridor".
by Network Synergies Mgmt March 09, 2011
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