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Home to the "Syrian Uprising" between the Syrian Army- under rule of President Bashar al-Assad, and the National Coalition for Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces. The war has claimed 100,000+ lives in the 2 and a half years since its start. France, Britain, the U.S.A and various other Sunni countries are backing the rebels, while Russia has trained Syrian Army soldiers while claiming they support neither side. Chemical weapons have been largely involved, despite the fact France, Britain and the U.S had warned against the use of them. August 21st 2013, it was claimed that the Syrian Army used chemical weapons against civilians in attacks near Damascus. There were multiple reports, ranging from 500~ to nearly 1,500. There in ongoing controversy aimed at President Barack Obama, as he warned against chemical weaponry, but didn't respond to it decisively, and chose to seek Congressional approval for military attacks on Syria by way of warships in the Mediterranean.

Syria isn't the "paradise" it was almost a decade ago.
Syria is fucked up right now.
by NecromanciCat September 02, 2013
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