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A world wide Lifestyle of several different groups
originally started as a rap label in 1988.
Including the fallowing atrists for example: DMX, EVE,Jadakiss and more.
The entire Lifestyle includes the fallowing for example:
Record Label
Jet ski's
and more.
Ruff Ryder members proudly "rep the R" wherever they go.
When in large numbers, a Single RR will yell out
"Ruff Ryders!!!" and all members will shout out
"YOU KNOW!!!" Ruff Ryders is a family oriented
organization with club brothers and sisters of all different
nationalities. Reguardless of chapter roots, the RR looks
out for eachother like a family. The RR Motorcycle Lifestyle
for example has many many chapters stretching out all
around the world. They also have famous stunters as club
members and go by the motto "Stuntin Is a Habit".
1 - Hey Naughty Nate, I didn't know you rode your
motorcycle with the Ruff Ryders!?
2 - Ya dude, I am the Road Captain for the Oakland

1 - Oh, hey guys check it out, it's the Ruff Ryders!

hey, hey, Ruff Ryders, hey, do you know DMX?

2 - Hell ya I know DMX, I was at X's house last weekend.


by Naughty Nate of Oakland RR July 21, 2009
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