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Thomas (or tom) is a silent and mostly indoor person. But if you hurt this guy in any way at all. He will make your life a living hell.

Although he is a silent person he is also kind ,compassionette,slighty sarcastic,slightly flirty and is an extreme hardcore gamer and if you challenge him to a game he will train so hard you will piss yourself fighting him

Although he is a badass,he is still human and an introvert, he is very pale and weak and not very fast but he makes up with that with his great intelligence,above average sight,hearing,smell And sense

But if you want the short end of the knowledge a thomas is a walking bad ass wikipedia for gaming introvert who no matter what is always watching waiting judging
i played against thomas/tom yesterday and i got fucked up
Titty twisters are endless suffering as when somebody clamps their disgusting vile hands onto your hairy red succulent titties and then they turn and twist them as if they were fingering your mum after she punted you into orbit and back into the adoption center.
Person A: yo! high five!
Person B: Ok!
Person A:Mwahaha you activated my trap card! The Endless Suffering!
Person B: Nani!

by Naughty bear the fnaf lover April 18, 2020
A number larger than the current largest number
"I've made a number that's an Omniplex."
by Naughty bear the fnaf lover September 26, 2019
Naughty bear is a game made in 2010 were you play as a beaten up brown bear who tried to do good better kept being naughty, in the game you have to kill other bears and there is one bear wearing a hat that you are forced to kill to complete the level.

Besides the levels is and online mode that Is dead

There are also side levels like
Speed run - kill in a certain amount of time

Killer - kill them all

Untouchable - don't get hit

Friendly - kill without attacking

Invisible - don't be seen

Top hat - every enemie has a top hat and gun

When playing the game you can get costumes and hide in the woods so you can't be seen

You can also buy DLC

X-bears (free)
by Naughty bear the fnaf lover December 30, 2019