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After smoking a large quantity of marijuana and going to bed results in a dopeover (usually) the next day. The effects are: sleeping longer, extreme lazyness/tiredness, feeling of not wanting to smoke again(yes it is possible) and bloodshot eyes for part of the day.
Dave: yo man how are you feeling after the blunt last night?

Mike: yo im tired as fuck man, i have such a huge dopeover!
by Nate Rhippen Bawngs February 06, 2008
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When one is very very high on marijuana, they can express themselves by stating three letters...ISH...(as in englISH)This meaning Im So High.
Bobby: yo guy how you doin?

Billy: yoooooo ish mannnnn, isshhhh!
by Nate Rhippen Bawngs February 26, 2008
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