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An anagram of the name Lyndon Emsley, a British chemist specialising in solid-state nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy.
Wondering how Lyndsey Lemon likes the new 1GHz magnet from Bruker.
by Napagram October 13, 2021
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/mɔʃ/ - /ˈmɪnjɒn/
A compound word in french for "ugly-cute" often used to describe animals, people, and/or inanimate objects which upon first glance appear ugly, but upon further examination are kind of...cute. E.g. a bulgy-eyed chihuahua, most pugs, B.J. Novak, buck teeth.
That dog on the street had a lower jaw sticking out like a boat too far ashore, but I wouldn't mind adopting one like that, it's kinda moche-mignon.
by Napagram October 28, 2021
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A girly-girl (sometimes referred to as princess) who has a “soft cover” in reference to her sweet disposition and general agreeability. Like a paperback novel, she is conveniently carried around and brought up when there’s time to kill. That is to say, the paperback princess is undervalued by society and often overlooked for the pages and generalized by the cover.

A play on the children’s book title “Paperbag Princess” by Robert Munsch. The paperback princess, much like the paper bag princess overcomes her sweetness and naivety to rescue spare herself from wasting time on a loser guy.
Jared’s gone and found himself another paperback princess - I wonder how longs it’s going to take her to realize he’s a total prick.
by Napagram November 16, 2021
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A collapsed overweight (or obsese) person due to prolonged, excessive physical activity. A portmanteau of the words "collapse" and "saurus" originating from various dinosaur species.
Exhausted from the steep ride up to the TV tower at Mont Pèlerin, she stopped her bike and face planted onto a field of dandylions, like the collapsaurus she was.
by Napagram October 28, 2021
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A good looking blonde that never stops talking, i.e. goes "blah, blah, blah" rooting from the original term, "blonde" where a blonde goes "on and on".
Fuck, here comes another blahnde coming to steal our men.
by Napagram November 16, 2021
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1.A regional dish in Switzerland (Vaud/Valais) resembling a fondue "hot-dog" withouth the meat. A hole is first made on one end of a a baguette or long bun and then filled with hot fondue, creating a perfect snack on-the-go or in a crowded christmas market where tables are scarce.

2.A sexual act whereby the male ejaculates into the female without a condom. This term is distinguised from other similar acts by the sole fact that prior to the act, authentic Swiss fondue was consumed.
She met him on bumble and he proposed that they have "hot fondue", not knowing that was a regional form of actual fondue, she replied to him "OK, but not on the first date".
by Napagram November 16, 2021
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or Fattologista (f). A person who studies fat bodies (or things) as well as related sociological and cultural phenomena. n.b. The term should be pronounced in italian, particularly the "fatto" part of the word.
As a young girl with hypothyroidism and lifelong fat-experience made her a fattologista by default.
by Napagram November 16, 2021
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