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Short for "Social Justice Warrior". Someone who is vehemently self-righteous over the pettiest things. They claim to fight against social injustices but are abusive and quick to vilify or bully anyone deemed a "bigot".

Since social injustices cannot be processed under law, they turn to discredit and shame opponents. SJWs will often use labels, twist definitions of words with heavy connotation, make appeals to emotion, and repeat unreliable statistics. They are easy to offend and are quick to police speech. They are major advocates of political correctness in non-political contexts, identity politics, and trigger warnings.

SJWs mainly battle against major sociocultural classes, under the pretense that being a majority leads to better living standards, as opposed to economic/socioeconomic class where living standards are proportional to income. They are the main propagators of "cultural marxism" and its rise in popularity as a term. These sociocultural classes include age, race, gender, nationality, religion, sexuality, among others; often asking them to "check their privilege" (to recognize the benefits of being part of said cultural classes).
The self-proclaimed feminist was so offended by the juvenile joke she overheard, that she got the person banned from the convention.

The SJW was so triggered by the movie, that they began to attack the director for its fictional racism.
by Nan E. Sore May 31, 2015

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